Apple of My Eye

Screenshot-433The Dinglebats have returned for another adventure! And with Medusa as the head of the household, what could possibly go wrong?

Absolutely nothing is the correct answer!

(Well, aside from Death being on vacay, frequent house fires, and different timelines of the Dinglebat reality constantly being created and messing with the entire space-time continuum, but I regress…)

Screenshot-329Medusa got a bit of a make-over after the previous save file took a poop. I think she looks superb. And, whoa, check out all of those alien pride tats!

Screenshot-330Medusa: I’m a half alien, bad-ass, and proud!

And you’re also preggers, so we’ve all got that to look forward to!

Screenshot-331Nixie’s kitten are born again, and this time for good. There’s three girls and a boy: Fury, Terror, Shriek, and Tyrant.

I got rid of Terror right away since she was destructive. I’m keeping Fury – she’s the fluffier, brownish calico. Terror and Shriek went to the social worker. I adopted Tyrant out to Circe.

Screenshot-337Looks like for once an heir is actually trying to complete their LTW. That would be a nice change of pace.

Medusa: If I’m not Emperor of Evil before I’m and Elder, you can eat my shorts!

I may pass on that.

Screenshot-341And of course, it’s wildly helpful having a fairy as a husband, with all of his auras and what not. Pip’s LTW is to max out his guitar and painting skills. I think we can manage that.

Screenshot-343In case you were wondering, Flora isn’t dead. But I wanted her to look like a fairy from the motherlands – wherever that is – so she got a makeover as well. I mean, what kind of an aging fairy would she be without long and scraggly hair?

Flora: I’m only in this house to protect my son from the she-devil he married.

Screenshot-357What are you doing, Freddy?

Freddy: My beard is full of pixie-dust.

Screenshot-362Freddy: I swear I got some in my teeth yesterday. Blasted stuff sticks to everything!

I guess living with magical creatures isn’t all you hoped it would be?

Screenshot-349For Pete’s sake, Kristen! You’re a ghost! That zombie can’t even touch you!

Screenshot-374Flora: So, seeing that you’re pregnant with my grand-baby, I’ve decided to give you an old fairy blessing.

Medusa: That’s actually pretty nice of you, Flora…

Screenshot-376Flora: Here you go…

Screenshot-378Medusa: Ahh! My face! It burns!

Flora: Yes!

Screenshot-380Medusa: Blessing my ass! You’re gonna pay for this, Flora! That was a very dumb thing to do!

Flora: What? That was meant to be a special moment.

Screenshot-395Oh man, I’d love to know what she’s storing her alien power for.

Medusa: … childbirth.

Screenshot-399Medusa: Baby is coming!

Screenshot-404Flora: Breathe! It’s going to be alright!

Screenshot-405Medusa: Get out of here, old woman! This is supposed to be a private moment!

Screenshot-417Flora: I’ll use make magic, to bless this child!

Medusa: Stop! Why are there so many white sparkles? I hate white!

Screenshot-421Meet Scar Dinglebat!

scar-the-lion-king-30869919-834-1026He’s classified by my game as both a fairy and an alien. He’s a slob… and yeah… he’s good. D-:

I blame Flora and her sparkly, white magic.

Screenshot-423Freddy: He’s so sparkly! I love him!

Screenshot-424Medusa: Come here, Pip. We need to make another baby immediately! Your mother made this one good.

Screenshot-430Freddy: I’ll watch over him… even if he is good.

I’m a little disappointed, but not as concerned as Medusa. I mean, technically Iago was evil and we all saw how he turned out. There may still be hope for this baby.

Screenshot-432Medusa has other ideas.

Medusa: Mirror, mirror against the wall – how do I make my mother-in-law fall?

Screenshot-434Mirror: Hmm… this is a troubling situation. Fortunately I have one tried and true solution for troubling situations.

Screenshot-436Mirror: Give her this poison apple. She’ll love it!

Medusa: Score!

Screenshot-439Medusa: Flora, I’d like to call a truce. I know you were only trying to give Scar a decent life by giving him the good trait with all of your sparkly, white magic.

Flora: I don’t know what you’re talking about, dear…

Screenshot-443Medusa: Please accept this gift as a sign of peace.

Screenshot-448Flora: This pink apple looks delicious. Thank you, Medusa. I was wrong about you.

Screenshot-449Medusa: … just eat it.

Screenshot-456Medusa: It actually worked! She’s dead! Finally!

I don’t think she’s dead.

Screenshot-457Medusa: Oh damn. You’re right. She’s just sleeping. Damn mirror!

Not long after the apple incident…

Screenshot-459Flora: What do you know… I’m dying.

Screenshot-462Flora: I guess my time has finally come.

And it’s about time. I thought she was never going to go.

Screenshot-471 - CopyDeath: Have no fear, Death is here!

Thank God! I was a little scared you weren’t going to show.

Screenshot-475Death: Thanks for a being a good sport about this. It’s always a pleasure to take a Sim who knows their time is up.

Pip: Mommmmmmmmmy!

Screenshot-478And there was much sadness. Mostly from Pip and the cats.

Freddy and Medusa were nowhere to be seen.

Screenshot-483But it’s nothing a little rocking out won’t fix.

Screenshot-489Freddy is a surprisingly good grandpa.

Freddy: Somebody has to take care of this little pixie.

Screenshot-499Morgana: I do no approve of your eldest spawn, Medusa. He is too… sparkly and white.

Medusa: I don’t approve of him either. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m about to have another kid.

Screenshot-502 - CopyMorgana: Just make sure the next one is less good.

Flora: I think Scar is perfect just the way he is.

Screenshot-503Morgana: I think he needs to shut the hell up.

Screenshot-512Alright, time for the sparkly little alien/fairy to grow up.

Screenshot-513Of course his wings are white. Something tells me this little one is going to have a rough time growing up in this household.

Screenshot-8Something also tells me Medusa likes him more than she’s willing to let on.

Screenshot-17Pip: You need to relax. You’re letting the stress of carrying on all of the evil affect you.

Screenshot-21Medusa: Maybe Pip is right. I just need to relax and stop worrying about how evil this next kid is going to be.

Screenshot-24Medusa: Oh shit… back rub induced labor! I’ve heard of this before!

Screenshot-31Meet Darth Vader Dinglebat!

star-wars-vader-force-chokeLike his brother, Darth Vader is also a perfect fairy/alien hybrid. He is also insane and artistic – just like his Grandpa Freddy.

Screenshot-30Medusa: This one has promise!

Screenshot-33Fury and Nixie – just because they are cute!

Screenshot-35Pip: One day, my son, this little house will fulfill all of your basic needs and desires.

Until then, you’ll keep changing his diaper, Pip. And you’ll like it.

Screenshot-45Freddy: Can I keep it?

Aren’t unicorns supposed to be pure and chaste? There’s no way that thing will want to go home with you, Fred.

Screenshot-62This is Cornelius Sparklefarte.

Screenshot-63I hope that he has lots of kids, because I would love those Ogre genes in my legacy!

Screenshot-57Freddy: Don’t tell me you’re pregnant again.

Medusa: Dad, I’m pregnant again.

Screenshot-83This is Darth Vader after he’s aged up. He looks a lot like his brother except his hair is black instead of brown. His wings are black too! Much better fitted for a future villain!

Screenshot-89Medusa: Tough luck, kid. I’m actually teaching you an important lesson by stealing your candy. It’s so delicious.

Screenshot-94We’ll end this post with baby #3.

Screenshot-99This is Mystique.

Raven_Darkholme_(Earth-616)_from_All-New_X-Men_Vol_1_7_001She did not inherit any fairy genes, but my game does count her as an alien. She is athletic and a light sleeper.

Screenshot-102She is also adorable, but more of that next time. 🙂

Villain Points

Scar: 1 Villain Point

Darth Vader: 5 Villain Points

Mystique: 2 Villain Points






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Five Crashes and a Wedding… and a Funeral

Screenshot-78After many game crashes – that’s an under-exaggeration, I think my game actually imploded upon itself multiple times – I have decided to give my beloved Dinglebats another try.

Medusa has now had the pleasure of living out her young adulthood in three separate neighborhoods and having like ten different kids in my various corrupted files. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how she is still alive and kicking after living in so many different dimensions. Seriously, I’m lucky I saved the family in my bin before I decided to move on with the game. The Dinglebats would have been doomed if I hadn’t.

ScreenshotUpon Dinglebat rebirth #4, I decide to move the family to Moonlight Falls. Too lazy to make my own house, I move them into this Victorian gem. Smack dab in the middle of town.

Medusa makes record time finding a mate. Perhaps because I’ve had to do this so many times before?

Screenshot-7Medusa: Why, hello there handsome, single, fairy man. Listen, my time may be cut short by some catastrophic, impeding game crash, so do you wanna just cut to the chase and get it on?

Screenshot-8Pip Goodfellow: You’re straight to the point! I like that in a woman!

Screenshot-10Medusa: I’m serious. I like what I see and I’d love to spend a lifetime with you cutting my sandwiches for me. If you know what I mean.

Pip: I understood the sex part, but are you suggesting we get married?

Screenshot-11Medusa: You’re already married, aren’t you?

Pip: This is getting awkward and I really have to pee…

Screenshot-13Pip: You’re really pretty and all, but I’m married, and we have a kid who we may or may not have stolen from right under some human lady’s nose. So… yeah I’d love to WooHoo sometime, but things are already pretty complicated.

Screenshot-14Medusa: You had me at stole a child.

Pip: Nice meeting you. Gotta jet. Like literally. Because I have wings and can fly pretty fast.

Screenshot-16Medusa thinks long and hard about Pip during her workout at the gym. \

Medusa: He may not technically be available, but I could change that. Besides, bringing some Supernatural points into this Legacy should have happened years ago.

You realize there is a whole neighborhood full of single Supernatural Sims, right?

Medusa: But what’s the fun in that?

Later that evening…

Screenshot-20Pip: What the hell are you doing at my house? Are you stalking me or something? Not that I don’t find your devious nature incredibly sexy.

Medusa: See… that’s why I’m here! Because I don’t give a shit about your wife or your stolen child! I’m here because I think we can work!

Screenshot-21Dahlia: Who are you talking to, Pip?

Pip: Just the new neighbor, honey. Go back to gardening.

Screenshot-23Medusa: Leave your family and marry into the best legacy ever, Pip. That’s all I’m asking. This is your opportunity to become immortal.

Pip: I need to think about it.

Medusa: You have one night to think. If you decide you actually want to pass on your genetics instead of raising some stolen brat, meet me at my house tomorrow at noon.

Screenshot-24Ghost intermission.

Morgana: I am so confused. What happened to the last mansion we were living in?

Shut up and go back to haunting.

Screenshot-27And what are you staring at? Get up and do something interesting. Haven’t you always wanted to mingle with fairies?

Screenshot-29Medusa: Today is the day, Nixie. The day where we find out if Pip is cruel enough to leave his family. If he is, he will be the perfect husband for me.

Nixie: Look lady, just please pet me or something. I’m so sick of constantly being ignore. You all are horrible pet owners!

Screenshot-31Medusa: You came!

Pip: Yeah, this is like the ultimate prank. I couldn’t pass it….

Screenshot-32Screenshot-33Medusa: You broke your wife’s heart for me!

Screenshot-35Medusa: That’s like the nicest thing anybody’s EVER done for me!

Pip: What can I say, something about those mysterious black pools of nothingness in your face just drew me in. I can’t help myself.

Those are her eyes, Pip.

Screenshot-43At least somebody finds it romantic.

Screenshot-44Medusa: Wow you’re really loose. I’ve never given a massage to somebody so relaxed.

Pip: You have no idea how much weight is about to be lifted from my shoulders.

Screenshot-45Medusa: What do you mean?

Pip: Well, I only married Dahlia because Mommy told me to.

Medusa: Mommy?

Screenshot-53Medusa: Just come live with me. I’m sure I could teach you a thing or two about defying pushy parents.

Pip: Well… it’s kind of complicated.

Screenshot-50Medusa: Just marry me, and we can take care of all your complicated problems one meteor at a time.

Screenshot-51Pip: OMG! Yes! It’s so sparkly!

Screenshot-54Pip: I do need to warn you… there’s some baggage that comes with me moving in.

Medusa: Eh, whatever! How bad could it be? Let’s just get married right now!

Screenshot-62Pip: Okay. Til death do us part!

Did you say that to Dahlia too?

Screenshot-64Well… at least I don’t have to plan another fancy wedding. The last three I planned were big pains in the ass.

Screenshot-96Flora: So where do I put my bags?

Freddy: Hmm… I heard Pip talking about baggage not long ago… let me think…

Freddy, I’m pretty sure she’s the baggage.

Screenshot-109Freddy: So… does that mean you’re living here now?

Flora: Until the day I die.

Screenshot-108Freddy: What do you say I seed your garden?

Screenshot-104Flora: That is NOT why I am here! Somebody has to keep an eye on my son after all of his shameful antics!

Screenshot-99You’re a real creepy, Freddy. Who would have thought you’d turn into such a gross, old, horndog.

Screenshot-103Flora: Why, I NEVER!

I was pretty sure Flora was going to die the night I moved her in with Pip. Boy, did she prove me wrong.

Screenshot-112Freddy: Nobody loves me. I miss Kristen.

Get over it. I’m sure somebody will love you before you pass on. (Maybe).

Screenshot-41Oh, and Minion and Nixie got busy! Kittens are on the way!

Screenshot-113It’s about time!

Screenshot-115And also, human babies!

Or, I guess they will be human/alien/fairy hybrids, but who keeps track of that anyway?

Screenshot-158The aliens have followed us to Moonlight Falls! Hooray!

Screenshot-238I got sick of the Dinglebats living in a house I didn’t design. I mean, the Victorian houses in MF are really cool, but after playing in one for awhile I realize I really hate the way they’re laid out.

Also, I thought it may help my game run smoother if they lived on a smaller lot.

Screenshot-241Minion: I’ve never seen this one before. Maybe she’ll feed us?

Nixie: Don’t push our luck!

Screenshot-249I’m pretty pleased with the way the new house came out.

Screenshot-250So, I happily played in the house for an hour or two.

Screenshot-254Minion and Nixie’s kittens are born for the second time. Or maybe it’s the third.

I can’t remember.

Screenshot-259This is where things start going wonky in this neighborhood…

Screenshot-263Oh shit! The living room is on fire.

Screenshot-268Nobigdeal right? It gets put out promptly.

Screenshot-276Like not even two minutes later it’s up in flames again!


Screenshot-289This happens like three more times until finally freaking Flora catches fire.

No biggie, I figure. She’s supposed to die soon anyway.

Screenshot-294Oh, and die she does!

Screenshot-319After much duress, the flames finally go out.


Screenshot-323Yep, that’s Flora laying on the floor(a) (teehee).

And no Grimmy.

At all.

AND… my game won’t let me do the following really, super important things:

1) I can’t go into Buy mode, because Grim is supposedly on his way.

2) I can’t go into Build mode, because a Sim is still dying.


3) I can’t go into Edit Town mode, because my game hates me and apparently does not want this legacy to ever end.

So basically. I’m fucked until Grimmy actually shows up.

And he doesn’t. Even after 10 Sim hours.

I’ve never had this glitch before, but it super sucks. So, I am forced to ALT-DELETE-CONTROL my way out of this mess and start from where I last saved. Which, fortunately was AFTER I built the new house.

I know this is a horrible way to end this post, but since it’s already pretty long, I’m putting on the brakes.

Be back soon!


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Alien Invasion


I couldn’t keep you guys waiting any longer! Medusa is the Generation 5 Heiress with +10 Villain Points!


Circe came in a close second with +9 Villain Points, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so it’s out to the streets with her!

These high scores have me seriously pondering whether or not use of University is fair in this kind of legacy. I don’t think I will be doing it again, but use your best judgement if you’re doing your own Villain Legacy.

That’s all for tonight! I have a brood of alien babies to go age up!

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College – The Most Worthless 500 Screenshots EVER Taken

Screenshot-202I realize I’ve been pretty lazy, what with not updating regularly and not creating beautiful, artsy-fartsy chapter images, personality profiles, and family trees. Sorry guys. As my gift to you, I will start trying to be more better.

We begin this chapter with:

ScreenshotMedusa proving why I freaking love aliens. Fairies can kiss my ass. As soon as they learn how to discombobulate broken devices, I will sing their praises too!

Screenshot-2If Circe thinks this is going to win her heirship, she has another thing coming. Get off your hiney and do something, missy! Otherwise, you’ll end up being like Iago – who is NOT going to make an appearance in this chapter.

Screenshot-4Freddy decides it’s a good idea for him to leave work early so he can have his birthday outside in an abandoned field.

Screenshot-7He ages… gracefully.

Screenshot-8And his sense of style gets even more awesome!

Screenshot-13Is it that time already? Circe’s only been a teen for like the last 5 chapters… I have a suspicion my aging settings got screwed up at one point or another and I had teens set at like 25 days, or something ridiculous like that.


Screenshot-18She ages into a gorgeous Sim who is basically a clone of Kristen with green eyes.

Medusa: Really, you’re still stuck on that hipster look, huh?

CirceAnd she rolls Brooding! Giving her a total of 7 Villain Points! But will she beat Medusa?

I’m not wasting any more time finding out!

Screenshot-23Happy birthday, Medusa!

Circe: Whatever, I’m eating cake.


What’s this?

A tie?


No, not seriously. Unbeknownst, to me at the time of playing this out, sending your Sim to University and advancing them in social groups can add extra personality points. This is actually a pretty big edge. If I had only known, I would have sent poor Iago to University too. Oh well. He wasn’t going to win anyway.

So, for now it’s a tie, but *spoiler alert* that’s going to change by the end of the chapter and I’m going to have to re-do my shiny personality profiles.

Screenshot-31One last picture of the girls before I venture into endlessly boring and pointless territory.

Screenshot-34I was SO excited when I bought University a few months ago. I had such fond memories from my old Sims 2 days. Playing Sims through college was FUN! Naturally, sending the Dinglebats through college seemed like the right thing to do.

Screenshot-32Well, here’s a public service announcement for all – college is a huge waste of time. Sure, it was fun looking at all of the beautiful townies the game has to offer and doing all of those crazy things I neglected to do in college (dumpster diving, anyone?), but 3 or 4 Sim weeks is a lot of time to waste essentially doing nothing in a legacy.

Screenshot-35Circe: You’re making me move into a sorority house with the person I hate the most and 5 to 6 other random bitches? Ugh! I must brood for 3 hours now!

Screenshot-36And brood she did.

Screenshot-48Medusa, on the other hand, began to make friends.

Medusa: What? You haven’t seen “Three Dudes, One Bucket” on SimTube yet?

Screenshot-53Medusa: So, here we are at college.

Circe: Together…

Screenshot-56Circe: I hate you.

Screenshot-57Circe: Not only are you a murderer, but you couldn’t take an artistic snapshot if you tried!

Screenshot-62Medusa: I am SO sorry for killing your mother, Circe! Please find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me!

Screenshot-66Circe: Well, I suppose your you’re truly seeking redemption, I can figure out some way for your to pay for your deeds…

Medusa: Nah, I’m not really sorry. But it was worth it seeing your face.

They actually don’t say a word to one another for the next three Sim weeks.

Screenshot-86Circe earns herself a few nerd points at their first kegger.

Screenshot-116And Medusa is absolutely filthy.

Screenshot-203I’ve only JUST started writing this chapter, and this is how I feel already. It was fun to play, but I have over 500 screenshots on my hard drive. The funny part is, other than progressing the girls through their social groups, finding boyfriends that end up dying in a crash, and random cute screenies of them in class, this pictures basically amount to nothing.

So. Here’s the super quick Reader’s Digest version, so we can get to who is REALLY heir!


Screenshot-207Okay, so obviously, she’s really pretty and I can’t stop staring at her. Besides that. She’s pretty boring.

Screenshot-184She goes to class,

Screenshot-143In an act of desperation, she sets up an online dating profile.

Screenshot-134I briefly consider setting her up with this guy, but story progression quickly reminds me he’s already engaged.

Screenshot-219She meets Cid Severus, but I decide he’s a better match for Medusa – more on that later.

Screenshot-151She reads a shit ton of comics and plays a shit of of video games. Eventually she advances high enough on the nerd scale to get a new personality point. Since Medusa, has also advanced on her scale, I allow them to both pick Evil – after all – it’s already a tie. How would this hurt anything?

I do, however feel a little bad for Iago.

Oh, well.

Screenshot-303By the way, she’s a Communications major because of the photography aspect, but I suspect she hates her major, because she’s forced to deal with people more than she’d like.

Screenshot-306She meets fellow nerd, Richard Randall, who’s a vampire in my game.

Screenshot-325And they begin an adorable relationship together.

Screenshot-398Like I said – ADORABLE.

Screenshot-417Later, they go on to hook up in the photo booth. Go figure.


Screenshot-141Medusa is a Business major, who somehow managed to pull off a perfect GPA while participating in MANY extracurricular activities.

Screenshot-166Some of these include starting rallies against photography.

Screenshot-162Medusa: Down with film!

Screenshot-108She also enjoys vandalizing.

Screenshot-188But her favorite activity is hooking up.

Screenshot-284Screenshot-452Screenshot-458Screenshot-385Cid ends up being her boyfriend towards the end.

Screenshot-402They’re pretty cute, too.

Screenshot-480She also gains the Evil personality trait.

Screenshot-374Oh! And it turns out the aliens are still keeping tabs on her!

Screenshot-439This is just because it’s pretty.

Screenshot-517This happens when I try to let them graduate.

My game crashes.

Screenshot-520Four times.

I eventually just use Master Controller and reset the fuck out of everybody but Circe and Medusa.


Screenshot-571And they both emerge with one more random personality trait!

I totally was NOT expecting this!

Because of this twist, only one girl wins.

And because I probably have a little villain in me too, (but mostly because it’s late and I don’t want to make new personality profiles and writing this update has already been hell for me) you won’t find out the winner until next time!





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Heiress Wars (and Parties)

I have decided that I am a total failure at blogging. I’m horrible at updating regularly and apologize for this. Perhaps this wouldn’t be such a problem if my game didn’t hate me so much. Lately, my graphics card has crashed every time I’ve played a neighborhood for more than ten minutes.

If I’m just messing around in CAS, there’s no issue, but the minute I switch to actual linear gameplay, my computer acts like a time bomb, just waiting to go off. I even tried making another neighborhood to play, but it didn’t make any difference. As you can imagine, this is not a very productive way to try to play a legacy – and it’s not very good for my computer’s well being. I’m about three crashes away from sending my foot into my computer tower.

I’m pretty frustrated with the whole situation, but I happen to have an archive of around 600 screenshots to work with right now. That’s gotta be at least two updates worth, right?

When we last left the Dinglebats, Medusa had murdered her stepmother in cold blood.


Poor Freddy took it the hardest. After all, Kristen was his one and only love.


Freddy: Hark! What is the meaning of this bleak and horrible life we are all forced to live?


Freddy: And why would Death be so cruel to take my wife away from me?

Actually, that was your daughter’s doing. Death didn’t really have a whole lot to do with it.


Freddy: Bleeppitty boo baa bleep!

I’m not sure I’m interested in knowing what that means.

Freddy: I have the best plan EVER!


Freddy: Kristen loved a good party. I am going to do my wife’s life justice by throwing her the best funeral party possible!

You do understand that a funeral is only a party in the loosest of terms, right?


Oh dear…


Freddy: This is perfect. I think this would have made Kristen very happy.

I think it kind of makes you look like you’re happy she’s dead.


Freddy: This is going to be the best party ever! I’m feeling so buff right now!


Freddy: How can somebody as muscular as I am, feel so heartbroken while surrounded by balloons?


Kristen’s urn watches as guests begin to arrive to her funeral… in their swimsuits? Freddy! You don’t even have a pool!


Even the snazzy, glitchy Sim is in his swim trunks.


Freddy: Kristen would be so disappointed if she knew University was installed after she died! Mother! I need to do an honorary keg stand, as per Dinglebat tradition!


Elphaba: You’re kidding me, right?

Freddy: Don’t mock me while I’m receiving jock points!


Elphaba: I don’t even know how this is possible! I’m not even tangible!


Freddy: Oh sweet nectar of life!


I’m glad all of your guests are having so much fun, Freddy.

Morgana: Why the hell is everyone in their swimsuits? We moved to Simdinavia for Pete’s sake!

Circe is not amused either.


Circe: This is absolute nonsense! Mom is never coming back as a playable Sim and Dad goes and throws a beach party?


Circe: This shows a complete and utter lack of respect for quite possibly the most evil woman who lived in this house since Great Great Grandmother!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room…


Don’t look so happy, Medusa.


Medusa: Why the hell not? This is the happiest day of my life so far!


Medusa: Ding, dong, the witch is DEAD! WOOT!

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Sim so happy that a family member was dead.


Morgana: I have emerged from my urn with a ethereal tear in my eye. You, Medusa Dinglebat, have lived up to my greatest expectations as a villain. You have plotted and succeeded in the demise of a household member.


Morgana: This is TRUE reason to celebrate!


Medusa: I am AWESOME!


They danced so hard that Morgana wet herself.  I must say, I love the dedication. Also, Medusa is a brave soul for continuing to dance her her ancestor’s fresh piss.


Medusa: Since you died, they invented something called a smart phone.

Morgana: A fart smone?


Medusa: Smart phone. It can do lots of pointless, yet hypnotizing things. For instance, watch this gross video I put on Simtube.


Morgana: That is incredible! And digusting! I desire a fart smone, too!


And Morgana proceeds to wet herself yet again. Incontinence is a real problem in this family – even for those who haven’t had a bladder in generations.


The rest of the party was somewhat of a failure. The guests were confused about their attire and left after they started to get  cold. Hey, at least Medusa, Freddy, and the ghosts had a good time. You can’t please everybody.


For just a second, ignore the fact that all of the objects haven’t rendered – this is a normal occurrence in my game. This is Felicia Lin. She is Emperor of Evil and has achieved the goal that neither Freddy nor Morgana had the ability to do. She has also asked Freddy out on a date. Confused about the purpose of his life and noticing the fact that Felicia is blond – just like Kristen – Freddy agrees.


Felicia: Charming, punctual, respectful, handsome, good at WooHoo. These are all things that I am looking for in a man.


Freddy: Well it’s a good thing that I am none of those things – and more!

Felicia: …


That went well.

Freddy: I agree.


Freddy: Sugar poppa is coming in for the kill!


Felicia: Did you not get the hint when I walked away from you without saying goodbye? This is not going to work out.

Freddy: You have pretty hair!


Felicia: You have issues.


Freddy: You don’t understand! I don’t don’t find a woman to love me for who I am before the rose loses its last petal, I will be a beast FOREVER!

Umm… that’s the plot of Beauty and the Beast, Fred.


Freddy: Even though my dead wife was much hotter than you are, you are the next best thing! I don’t want the other fish in the sea! I want you to come live in my evil castle with me, my alien daughter, my normal daughter, two furry feline creatures, and some blue haired girl that sometimes turns into a toy.

Felicia: I just wanted to grab a cup of coffee with you, but clearly this is not going to work out.Image

It’s graduation day for the son that Freddy forgot he had! I personally find graduation annoying, but that positive moodlet that lasts 10 days is stupid to turn down.


Great Medusa. You realize they’re all staring at your ass.

Medusa: Why else would I wear a dress like this?


Yay, congrats, Iago and Ju Ju Bee! Nobody cares… Now I can marry you two off and hopefully move you out of my house.


Having temporarily forgot he had a son, Freddy is nowhere to be seen.

Also, Medusa feels a little regret for her dastardly deed?


Iago: I can’t believe you didn’t come to our graduation, Dad! This was an important day for us!

Freddy: Circe, who is this angry, young man standing behind me?

Circe: Umm… Dad, that’s your son.


To help make up for the fact that I dislike him so much, I build a really cool wedding/reception hall for Iago and Ju Ju Bee to have their wedding.


And what would a wedding be without beautiful bridesmaids?


Medusa: I can’t believe I have to wear a dress that goes past my thighs!


I must say, Ju Ju Bee makes a lovely bride.


Iago: Do we even know that redhead lady?

Ju Ju Bee: No. Do you think your sister will bring other aliens with her?


Iago: Oh, Ju Ju Bee! I knew I loved you from the moment I chewed on your button eyeballs when I was a toddler!


Iago: I loved you then, and I love you now, in all your magical, cloth, splendor.


Ju Ju Bee: And I’ve loved you from the moment you accepted the fact that I was not evil.


Why do they have to be so cute?


The party migrates inside, though for some reason most of the guests leave after the ceremony? Maybe it was the bit in the vows about chewing on button eyeballs?


At least all of the Dinglebats are still here.


Circe: Eww! What do you think you’re doing? You are a horrible dancer, you alien freak!


Medusa: You should talk! Your dance moves remind me of a baboon trying to fly a kite!


Circe: I know what you did to my mother! I’m not stupid. It’s pretty obvious that you summoned that meteor on top of her!


Medusa: Your mother got exactly what she deserved!


Circe: Try saying that again! I hate you more than I hate mainstream films right now!


Medusa: Whatever. You aren’t even worth my time. It’s obvious that I’m going to win heir. Great Great Grandma even congratulated me at your mom’s funeral. All of your mom’s stupid villain prepping was nothing but a huge waste of time.


Circe: You take that back!


Medusa: Why don’t you MAKE me?!


Circe: Gladly!

Oh dear. This is really happening.


Iago: I’d say the reception is going pretty well. All of the guests seem to be enjoying themselves!


Iago: All in all, this turned out to be an amazing night! A night to be remembered!

Medusa: @#$#&^%!!


Circe: %#&$^*(@!


Ju Ju Bee: This snow cone looks delicious!


I’m dying to know who won! Come on, don’t kid yourselves. You know you are too!


Circe: Take that! Try summoning a meteor on me, and I’ll beat the living tar out of you again!


Medusa: Now that was embarrassing. I need a drink.

Bartender: Normally I don’t serve minors, but you’ve earned this, kid.


Medusa: I WILL be heir of this generation! Circe is NOT going to stop me!


Circe: Let’s see, three atomic bombs plus eight maniacal speeches equals thousands of dead citizens…

Don’t mind the glitched old lady, she’s just trying to destroy my game.


Sinbad: Hey, Morgana!

Morgana: Ugh, not now, Sinbad. You know I hate you with every fiber of my ectoplasmic existence!


Sinbad: I think Circe’s got this one in the bag! Team Circe!

Morgana: Team Medusa! Everybody with half of a brain knows the alien will win!

What do you guys think?

Villain Points

Iago: 3 Villain Points

Circe: 5 Villain Points

Medusa: 5 Villain Points

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Medusa’s Revenge

When we last left the Dinglebats, poor little Medusa had lost her biological mother and was tortured relentlessly by the evil (literally) step-mother, Kristen.

Really, it’s just another day in the life of a Villain Legacy.

Screenshot-21And Kristen couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of it.

Screenshot-130Medusa: And what am I? A piece of trash?

Kristen: That couldn’t be closer to the truth!

You’ll have your time to shine, Medusa. Trust me.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the shadows of a dingy bar, Iago lurks.

ScreenshotIago: I can do this… I can do this… OMG… I CAN’T do this!

Do what?

Screenshot-5Iago: Listen, Bee… I was wondering if you wanted to sleep with me, erm… next to me… forever. Oh shit… I just threw up a little.

Ju Ju Bee: What are you trying to say?

Screenshot-2Bee: Eww!

Screenshot-16Iago: I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do.

Screenshot-15Bee: Listen, I’m grateful you turned me into a human and all, but that doesn’t give you the right to kiss me right after you admit to throwing up.

Iago: But… that’s not what I was trying to do at all.

Screenshot-13Ju Ju Bee: Then what were you trying to say?

Iago: Ummmmmm… I’ll have to get back with you on that.

Screenshot-8Iago: I wanted to ask her to marry me, but I’m too much of a coward. I wish I had as much swagger as that glitched up old man.

GUOM: You can’t even touch this, son.

Screenshot-9Game? What is going on here?

Screenshot-10Attack of the clones. My game is going to crash, isn’t it? This is a sign of the end times.

GUOM#1: I will consume your soul.

GUOM#2: Why stop with my soul? I WILL CONSUME THIS ENTIRE GAME!!!

Screenshot-11The staring contest of death did, in fact, result in a crash.

Then my game crashed again.

And again.

And it probably crashed one more time after that when I wasn’t even playing it.

Finally, I cleaned up my CC and my cache files. Now it seems to, sort of, be working, a little bit better… ish.

Screenshot-51And look whose birthday it is!

Screenshot-53Medusa: Finally! This awful stage of my life is about to be through!

Screenshot-59Morgana: Why is there an alien in my kitchen!

Well, she’s sort of your Great Great Granddaughter.

Morgana: Peculiar…

Screenshot-64Well, hello there, gorgeous!

She aged into the rebel trait, making her a brave, rebelious night owl, who is a heavy sleeper (who will never have to sleep again).

Medusa: I don’t sleep often, but when I do sleep, I don’t wake up.

Um… sure.

Screenshot-120Oh, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t share Ju Ju Bee’s traits yet. She’s a friendly, clumsy, bookworm who is a light sleeper and fears all technology.

Screenshot-132Morgana: So you’re an alien. What’s that like?

Medusa: Leave me alone, ghost.

Morgana: Just wondering.

Screenshot-134Medusa: Seriously? Are you, like, stalking me?

Morgana: You intrigue me. This one, she has potential…

She is pretty cool.

Screenshot-136She can fix broken things with her mind.

Screenshot-141She doesn’t need to sleep.

Screenshot-140Oh yeah, did I mention she’s a bad ass?

But can she stand up to Kristen?

Screenshot-142Kristen: What the hell is this?

Your alien stepchild.

Kristen: It isn’t right.

Screenshot-143Medusa: What seems to be the problem?

Kristen: You’re the problem.

Screenshot-144Kristen: You have no right to exist!

Screenshot-146That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? She did it autonomously too.

Screenshot-147Kristen: That’s right, walk away, you pansy. See, she’s not right to be heir. She can’t even fight back.

Screenshot-149I think she can fight back, Kristen. She’s sucking your motives away as we speak.

Screenshot-151What are you doing?

Medusa: Umm.. nothing!

Where did you even get that device?

Screenshot-150Medusa: Just taking standard measurements….

Screenshot-152Iago: You make me think of matches.

Ju Ju Bee: Is that supposed to be a pick-up line?

Screenshot-156Iago: Did it work?

Screenshot-158For all of you Circe fans. She still exists. Don’t worry.

Screenshot-161Who are you draining now?

Screenshot-162I should have guessed. Medusa is on a mission.

Medusa: And I won’t rest until Kristen is miserable.

Screenshot-163Kristen: You think you’re being so sneaky, stealing away my motives! Well, I’m on to you!

Medusa: You don’t scare me, ugly.

Screenshot-164Kristen: I’d be more careful if I were you. I have the power to ground you!

Medusa: What? You can’t do that!

Kristen: Yes I can! You’re grounded for a week!

Screenshot-165Medusa: You’re not even my real mom! You can’t ground me!

Kristen: Two weeks!

Screenshot-166Kristen: You might be an abomination to this world, but as long as you’re living in MY house, I can do whatever I want!

Medusa: You suck!

Kristen: Three weeks!

Screenshot-167Ah, what a beautiful day in Aurora Skies! The sun is shining, and the world is simply a gorgeous place.

I’d say it’s the perfect day for a wedding proposal.

Screenshot-175What the heck is Ju Ju Bee doing in doll form?

Ju Ju Bee: Iago thinks it’s kinky.

Oh dear. That is wrong on so many levels.

Screenshot-178It looks like she wasn’t joking. For Pete’s sake guys, get a room!

Screenshot-183Iago: I love you, Ju Ju Bee. I’ve been trying to tell you something for weeks now, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it until you presented yourself in your true, breathtaking form.

Screenshot-184Iago: Your beauty is so compelling, I can’t resist a moment longer! Ju Ju Bee Dinglebat, how would you like to officially become Ju Ju Bee Dinglebat?

Elphaba: Wait, isn’t she already Ju Ju Bee Dinglebat?

Screenshot-188Ju Ju Bee: Omigod!

Elphaba: Is he really proposing to a doll? Hahaha!

Screenshot-195Ju Ju Bee: It’s beautiful, Iago!

Iago: I’ve had it cut from a rainbow gem. The very stone that brought you to life!

Elphaba: Oh please. Now I’ve seen everything!

Screenshot-199Ju Ju Bee: Nothing would make me happier than to be your bride! Yippee!

Elphaba: Can you believe this guy? He just asked his imaginary friend to marry him! This is rich!

Iago: I am SO pleased!

Screenshot-202Iago: We shall wed as soon as possible!

Elphaba: He’d better not be heir.

I know. Right?

Screenshot-168Kristen: My son is getting married! No, he’s not going to be heir. I can be happy for him anyway. He is my son, afterall.

Screenshot-169Kristen: Yes, those are birds. I’ve gotten into the habit of working outside. Why the hell not? It’s gorgeous here in Aurora Springs. I’ve almost forgiven my batshit crazy husband for moving me here.

Screenshot-170Kristen: There’s nothing wrong with the great outdoors! In fact, I’m going to work under the stars tonight. You’ll see just how effective it is when I clock in tomorrow morning!

Screenshot-171Medusa: Is that so? I’ll show her effective…


Later that night.

Screenshot-212Kristen: I guess Kandice was right. It is a little cold out here…

Screenshot-214Kristen: Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

Screenshot-217Kristen: What are you doing? Didn’t I say that you were grounded? Get out of my sight!

Screenshot-221Medusa: As you wish.

Kristen: Now where was I? If we offer the mayor this much money for her new campaign…

Screenshot-225Kristen: Aw, screw this. I’m going to work inside. It’s freaking cold out here!

Morgana: Grandmother’s spatula! This makes me so happy I’m already dead!





Screenshot-230This certainly does NOT look good for Kristen.

Morgana: Is it over?

Screenshot-233Oh, I think it’s over, alright.

Screenshot-235Elphaba: You know she dead.

Little boy: Something smells like burning!

Death: Sorry, that might be me. I forgot my deodorant today.

Screenshot-236Elphaba: Hi there, sexy. Long time no see!

Death: Erm… the answer is still no, Elphaba.

Screenshot-238Elphaba: Be careful, Death! That’s a steep hole!

Death: Oh this is a nasty mess. I haven’t seen a body that squished since the Wicked West of the East passed away.

Screenshot-237Morgana: The alien child summoned the end of the world!

What makes you say that?


Death: It looks like it may be a busy night for me. I knew I shouldn’t have punched out for lunch!

Screenshot-243Elphaba: Not so close to my invention!

Screenshot-244Kristen: Doesn’t anybody care that I’m dead?

Death: You’re not exactly the highest priority right now.

Screenshot-246Kristen: That tomb stone really sucks! Couldn’t you have scavenged up anything classier than that?

Death: It’s not like you were anywhere close to completing your ridiculously hard to achieve LTW. This is what you get.

Screenshot-247Iago: Omigod! Fire!

Medusa: Don’t worry! I’ll save the day!

Screenshot-248Medusa: Because I’m a badass, and that’s what we do!

Screenshot-249Elphaba: Please! Don’t let my invention burn! You’re my only hope!

Screenshot-252Kristen: Please, Death. Spare me. I’m not ready to die! My son just got engaged. My daughter was only days from becoming heir…

Death: Don’t look at me. I wasn’t the one who killed you.

Screenshot-253Kristen: I will do ANYTHING!

Screenshot-255Kristen: I’ll become your personal slave!

Screenshot-256Death: Get off your knees. You weren’t dealt this card. You chose this path of chaos and destruction.

Screenshot-257Death: This was exactly what you sowed, Kristen Dinglebat. Even I know not to fuck with the aliens.

Screenshot-258Kristen: Take her instead. She was the one who wronged me!

Death: Your time is spent!

Screenshot-259Death: Hmm… Maybe I should stick around? This looks messy.Screenshot-268Death: I guess she’s got this. Even I’m a little impressed.

Screenshot-271Ju Ju Bee: Kristen is dead, but I can’t stop laughing at Elphaba’s underwear!

Screenshot-272Death: Hehehe!

Screenshot-273Circe: Umm… guys? What happened here?

Screenshot-274Circe: Holy crap… Mom is dead!

Screenshot-276Medusa: The bane of my existence is dead. How unfortunate…

At least you’re better at pretending to be sad than Morgana is.

Screenshot-275Poor Freddy didn’t take the news very well.

Screenshot-277Freddy: This is the space rock that crushed my wife?

Screenshot-278Freddy: This is sooo cool!

Screenshot-280Freddy: But so sad!

Screenshot-283Circe: Hey you! I know you summoned that meteor that killed Mom! Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Screenshot-284Medusa: Wherever I want. I’m not grounded any more.

Next time: Freddy throws a funeral party in honor of Kristen! Iago and Ju Ju Bee get married! Circe and Medusa declare war!

Villain Points

Iago: 3 Villain Points

Circe: 5 Villain Points

Medusa: 5 Villain Points

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All the Presents Are Belong to Me!

I’d like to start this post with a huge thank you to Twallan of NRAAS. I know you’re probably never going to read this, but thanks so much for story progression and everything you’ve done for TS3. I seriously could not play this game without your mods. (Also thank you for hosting a community of people who are not jerks and who are genuinely looking to help one another. I’m looking at you guys, Yeah, you guys are stupid meany heads. [Insert colorful insult of your choice].)

I just picked up University Life! I’m excited, but it may be awhile before you see any of the EP. I have a little catching up to do first.

ScreenshotIn breaking news, Morgana’s ghost decided she was done with the Dinglebat mansion and was found driving on the other side of town.

Morgana: I just wanted to make sure all the criminals they’re keeping in that jail are of good breeding stock for one of my great great granddaughters.


She drives right past the house. I’ve never seen a ghost attached to house wander around town before. Where the hell are you going, Morgana?

Morgana: I’m never going back to that hell hole of a mansion.

Screenshot-3Morgana: In fact, this looks like a good place to spend the remainder of eternity.

Screenshot-4The abandoned warehouse? I guess it makes sense that a criminal would want to haunt the criminal hideout.

Screenshot-5Morgana: No, this rock.

She floats herself into this rock. It’s a long time before I see her again.

Screenshot-7What crawled up Freddy’s butt and started making muffins?

Screenshot-10Freddy: Get out of my face, great ghostpa.

Sinbad: Come on, now. I just want a hug.

Screenshot-15Freddy: Ghosts can’t hug! Aren’t you, like incorporated and shit?

Incorporeal, Fred. The word is incorporeal.

Screenshot-27Sinbad: It’s not MY fault your damn great grandmother killed me! All I ever wanted was hugs, and she decided the punishment for being a cuddle bear was death by television.

Freddy: I don’t like you.

Screenshot-13Freddy: Wow, this must be who I get my hot-hotheadedness from…

Screenshot-14Freddy: You smell like an old dirty plate!

Screenshot-33Sinbad: I’ll show you incorporeal!

Screenshot-35Sinbad: I’ll fry you with my lightening attack!

Freddy: Ahhh! It slightly tingles!

Screenshot-47Freddy: Ha! I win! Incorporated my ass, great ghostpa!

Screenshot-49Elphaba: My son, totally just opened a can of whoop ass!

Screenshot-2 (2)And as long as we’re ghost watching, take a look at Ursula! Lookin’ fancy, girl! I think she might have found the magic mirror.

It’s time to celebrate the Dinglebats’ very first Snowflake day!

Screenshot-61Kristen had, of course planned a party and invited all of the family’s new friends and acquaintances.

Kristen: And, I must say, Magic Mirror Man, I look FANTASTIC!

MMM: Whatever you say, Mrs. Dinglebat. Just please, don’t smash me!

Screenshot-58Circe was busy making a very Snowflake breakfast for herself.

Circe: Don’t look at me like that. I totally know how to cook! I’m just minding my business. Don’t worry about me. There’s nothing suspicious to see here.

Screenshot-59And everybody looks pretty fancy. I guess Kristen wants to make a good impression on all the neighbors.

Circe: I’m not thinking of anything. There’s nothing to see here…

Screenshot-62Circe: In fact, I’ll just sit myself down, right here and wait for everyone to start opening presents.

Screenshot-63I don’t know what you’re up to, but something tells me it’s got nothing to do with your arms going through your skirt.

Screenshot-64Circe: Oh, look. It’s a present for me!

Crazy Bathing-suit Lady: Jolly good show!

Maid: I’m angry because I wasn’t invited to open presents!

Get back to work, you stupid maid!

Screenshot-65Circe: It’s showtime…


Screenshot-66Oh, dear.

Freddy: Yay! It’s my turn for a present!

Screenshot-67Circe: Whatever could that shrill beeping be?

Screenshot-68Circe: Make it stop!

I guess Bee and Iago are really hungry. I wonder why. They had plenty of time to make themselves food.

Screenshot-71Freddy: Come to think of it. I’m hungry too, but I couldn’t cook anything for myself because the stove was occupied.

… Oh. Snap.

Screenshot-73That’s funny. The stove is on fire, and the last person to use it… is nowhere in sight.

Ursula: I like fire!

Screenshot-75Even Crazy Bathing-suit Lady shows up before Circe.

Where could she be? The freaking house is about the burn down, and we know the Aurora Skies fire department is worse than the city of Detroit’s when it comes to showing up on time.

Screenshot-77Circe: Oh look! It’s another umbrella for me!

Screenshot-79Circe: I just love umbrellas!

Screenshot-83Circe: An art easel! Just what I always wanted!

Screenshot-84Circe: And what could this present be?

Screenshot-81Circe: All the presents are belong to me!!!1!!!!!!!!!

Well played, Circe. It looks like all of your villain training has paid off.

Screenshot-86Crazy Bathing-suit Lady: This party is EPIC!

Freddy: I’m still hungry!!!

Screenshot-88I’ve never had a party that ended in a fire be so successful. Apparently everybody thought it was epic. I guess the Sims in Aurora Skies are just different like that.

Screenshot-90Circe: This is the best Snowflake Day EVER!

And it was. Or it was at least the most interesting Snowflake Day I’ve ever played through. I swear the whole Circe fire diversion was her idea.

Screenshot-9 (2)In fact, this whole diabolical plan made me like her a lot more. I guess I won’t be upset if she beats Medusa out for heir, but I really want me some alien genes! And with Freddy being the only male heir so far – who knows when my next opportunity to get them will be?

Life goes by pretty normal for everybody as spring emerges from the frosty bite of winter.

Screenshot-6 (2)Freddy continues trying to befriend super natural beings.

Screenshot-17 (2)Kristen keeps herself busy with work…

Screenshot-12 (2)And the occasional unwanted alien abduction.

Kristen: I SWEAR I will leave her alone as long as you stop probing me!

Screenshot-31 (2)Medusa continues being adorable.

Hey, look! Morgana came back from the glitched rock!

Screenshot-33 (2)The living keep on fighting with the dead.

Screenshot-24 (2)Ju Ju Bee goes back to her favorite spot on the entire lot.

Ju Ju Bee: Sprinklers never get boring!

Screenshot-29 (2)And Medusa keeps on being adorable.

Screenshot-28 (2)Even Ju Ju Bee and Iago have an adorable moment.

In fact, everything goes oddly normal for the Dinglebats until…

Screenshot-36 (2)Medusa decides she wants to meet her mother.

Screenshot-37 (2)Eshehic: Greetings, Earth spawn. I have been observing your growth status from afar and I am most pleased you have used your telephone device to summon me.

Medusa: OMG! You’re my real mom! I’m so happy to meet you!

Screenshot-38 (2)Medusa: I was hoping you could become a part of our household and you could replace my mean stepmother. She’s a real jerk and growing up with her has been just plain awful!

Screenshot-40 (2)Medusa: Why are you suddenly all glowy? Is that some kind of alien power I can look forward to in the future?

Eshehic: I am afraid that my time in this body has come to an end, Earth progeny.

Wait… what?

Screenshot-43 (2)Are you kidding me, game?

They only just met!

Screenshot-46 (2)Medusa: Mommy?

Minion: The horror! The horror!

Screenshot-47 (2)Medusa: This can’t be! You were supposed to protect me from my stepmother!

Screenshot-53 (2)Death: Excellent! It isn’t often that I get to claim an alien soul!

Screenshot-55 (2)Of course, Kristen sensed death and ran out to enjoy the show as quickly as she could.

Screenshot-56 (2)Kristen: She’s dead? Oh, this is just TOO good to be true! *evil laughter*

Screenshot-57 (2)Eshehic: I am sorry, Medusa Dinglebat. Please carry my my legacy and create peace between our worlds. Also, feel free to use the parental figure related to you by law as an experimental unit when you reach your larval maturity.

Death: Enough yappin’. It’s time to join my ranks, alien!

Screenshot-58 (2)Eshehic: Goodbye, Medusa Dinglebat!

Morgana: This is much better than watching my programs!

Screenshot-60 (2)And then it started to rain. Really, game? As if this moment wasn’t sad and dramatic enough for poor Medusa.

Medusa: I didn’t even get to know her… *sob*

Screenshot-61 (2)Medusa: And now she’s dead!

Morgana was faint hearted even when she had a beating one. I’m glad her ghost has been able to to continue to make me smile. Also, besides Kristen and the ghosts, Minion and Nixie are the only two in the house who witnessed the death. It made me happy to see they were here to support their friend.

But for some reason my game didn’t give me her tombstone/urn even though she died on my lot! WTF?! There will be no alien ghosts haunting the shit out of Kristen. 😦

Screenshot-63 (2)Kristen makes her move.

Kristen: You are such a baby! You think you have it rough… my HUMAN mother died when I was at the tender age of 38. Now THAT was rough!

Screenshot-64 (2) Kristen: Now you have nobody to protect you. Nobody is going to probe me when things start to get hard for you. Circe is going to be number one and there’s nothing you can do about that!

Screenshot-65 (2)Medusa: I will NOT let you bully me around! I don’t need my alien mom anymore! I can protect myself!

Screenshot-69 (2)Medusa: *sob*

Kristen: Whatever, kid. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Later that night…

Screenshot-70 (2)Kristen sleeps in a content slumber, dreaming of world dominion and nuclear weapons.

Screenshot-72 (2)Medusa tosses and turns the whole night. Her dreams are less pleasant.

Maybe this whole ordeal will make her more evil? Only time will tell.

Screenshot-75 (2)I love the pets, but I don’t have a decent camera mod yet that allows me to take good pictures of them. 😦

Screenshot-80 (2)Hipster Circe is a hipster.

Circe: Vinyl is supreme.

And what’s that on the table over there? A birthday cake?

Screenshot-83 (2)It’s finally time for Iago to age up!

Screenshot-90 (2)Iago: Yay! I’m almost a young adult! *is about to wet himself with glee*

Screenshot-92 (2)Morgana: Just age up already, you nitwit!

Screenshot-94His new personality traits brings good news for him and bad news for me. He’s now an evil, neurotic, clumsy, never nude, genius. He has 3 Villain Points – which is just enough to keep him in the house until either Circe rolls a negative trait, or beats him in points.

Crap. I was really hoping I could get rid of him and Ju Ju Bee. This means I’m going to have two young adults in the house who are tempting me to try out the University expansion. But I will resist the temptation! Nobody goes off to college until Medusa is a young adult!

Iago: :’-( But I’m a genius now… I will excel at school!

Too bad!

Well, I’m off to play more, because Circe and Medusa need to hurry up and grow up!

Villain Points

Circe: 5 Villain Points

Medusa: 3 Villain Points

Iago: 3 Villain Points




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