Introduction to Villain Legacies

 Hello Simming Community!

I am here to share my very first published Sims 3 Legacy! For the most part I will be following Pinstar’s Rules. However, perhaps due to the evil in my own heart, I find it incredibly difficult not to cheat. So to help keep my legacy entertaining and keep the motherlodes away, I’ve decided to make a Villain Legacy. That’s right, this legacy is not for the kind of heart. The progeny will all be named after famous villains in literature, pop culture, ect., and the heirs will not be chosen by appearance or by popularity.

The heirs in Villain Legacies are to be determined by personality. True to Pinstar’s Rules, traits are still chosen by random, but the most villainous kid wins heir! That means Good sims are likely to be kicked out on their tooshies as soon as they become Young Adults.

I plan on having the first chapter up sometime tomorrow. However I will tease you with a photograph of our founder, Morgana Dinglebat.

Maybe I’m onto something here? Maybe Villain Legacies will become the next hot thing. If not, I don’t give a toot. I’m mostly doing this for my own entertainment and just want to share with others. In case you are interested, I’ve included the chart and point system I will be using to judge the heirs. If for whatever reason you decide to jump on the Villain boat, just make sure to give RainyOpal some credit. 🙂

Either way, enjoy!

P.S. I got the symbols from They are all EAxis property.

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6 Responses to Introduction to Villain Legacies

  1. Ami says:

    This looks great, can’t see where you go with it. I love the idea of award points based on traits, you’ve obviously put a lot of effort into this.

    Keep up the updates! 😛

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  3. This sounds fun. Great idea and great work. I’ve been looking for something interesting to try.

  4. selahgio says:

    God I miss this legacy so much D: I’m rereading it for old times sake. I hope you’re doing alright Opal! x3

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